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  Author (up) Title Year Journal Title Volume Pages Links
Al Huang, Chungliang Dance of the Five Moving Forces: In Celebration of Zhou Enlai's Five Principles of Peace 2014 Empty Vessel 21 29-32 details   openurl
Al Huang, Chungliang A Taoist Master's Search for His Chinese Ancestry: Part Four 2011 Empty Vessel 18 16-21 details   openurl
Al Huang, Chungliang Put the HEART Back into LOVE 2011 Empty Vessel 18 20-21 details   openurl
Anderson, Janet Qigong master Wan Su-Jian bringing healing from Beijing to California 2007 Empty Vessel 15 16-20 details   openurl
Anonymous The Toa of Zen 2015 Empty Vessel 22 21-28 details   openurl
Anonymous The empty vessel interview: Formless daoism with ted cibik 2013 Empty Vessel 21 29-35 details   openurl
Bartholomew, Jennifer Pure Water 2011 Empty Vessel 18 36 details   openurl
Bessler, Robert D. The spiritual warrior 2013 Empty Vessel 21 17-26 details   openurl
Blochwitz, Sue Gardening with qi 2007 Empty Vessel 14 9-15 details   openurl
Blocker, Candace The making of an immortal 2008 Empty Vessel 15 27-31 details   openurl
Catabia, Ron Gut feeling: daoist lower dan-tien psychotherapy 2007 Empty Vessel 15 10-14 details   openurl
Chen Guying Rediscovering the roots of Chinese thought: Laozi's philosophy 2015 Empty Vessel 23 8-14 details   openurl
Cibik, Ted Formless Taoism 2013 Empty Vessel 20 24-27 details   openurl
Cohan, Raven Commit to training strong intention and patience 2008 Empty Vessel 15 25-27 details   openurl
Cohen, Kenneth S. Taoists, Doctors and Shamans: Part II: Same Root, Different Branches 2011 Empty Vessel 18 23-27 details   openurl
Cohen, Kenneth S. Hunyuan Qigong tracing life to its root 2008 Empty Vessel 15 10-16 details   openurl
Coons, James The Empty Vessel interview with master Yang Hai 2015 Empty Vessel 22 10-14 details   openurl
Coons, Robert Meditation and the Use of Nootropic Supplements 2015 Empty Vessel 22 29-31 details   openurl
Coons, Robert Laozi's Great Code Emptiness and the Clue of the Dao 2014 Empty Vessel 21 4-5 details   openurl
Coons, Robert James Internal elixir cultivation 2015 Empty Vessel 23 15-19 details   openurl
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