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  Author (up) Title Year Journal Title Volume Pages Links
Abel Horowitz, Jay Acupuncture and emotional imbalance: The importance of awareness in treating the root 2011 Medical Acupuncture 23 19-26 details   openurl
Abramson, Robert J. Acupuncture and the spirit 1997 Medical Acupuncture 9 40-42 details   openurl
Acord, Michael P. Improvement in excretory function in a female with neurogenic bowel and bladder 2002 Medical Acupuncture 13 17-18 details   openurl
Ahadian, Farshad Quantitative assessment of acupuncture analgesia using a human experimental pain model 2006 Medical Acupuncture 17 12-15 details   openurl
Alban, Joseph Acupuncture treatment of frequent urination and nocturia postprostatectomy 2008 Medical Acupuncture 20 119-121 details   openurl
Allam, Hemat; Mohammed, Nagwa Hassan The role of scalp acupuncture for relieving the chronic pain of degenerative osteoarthritis: a pilot study of Egyptian women 2013 Medical Acupuncture 25 216-220 details   openurl
Ameis, Kamal Effect of manual acupuncture-induced injury on rat skeletal muscle 2008 Medical Acupuncture 20 225-230 details   openurl
Amoils, Steven The diagnostic validity of human electromagnetic field (aura) perception 2002 Medical Acupuncture 13 25-28 details   openurl
Andrews, Christopher Acupuncture for severe postoperative occipital neuralgia/myofascial pain syndrome 2009 Medical Acupuncture 21 275-277 details   openurl
Annaswamy, Thiru M. Self-rated pain and functional status with acupuncture 2001 Medical Acupuncture 13 13-15 details   openurl
Anonymous How do you treat chronic nightmares in your practice? 2013 Medical Acupuncture 25 88-90 details   openurl
Aung, Steven Healing and the spiritual impetus and quest 2007 Medical Acupuncture 19 63-67 details   openurl
Aung, Steven The vital importance of the triple energizer in Traditional Chinese Medicine 2005 Medical Acupuncture 16 10-13 details   openurl
Aung, Steven Needling of the large intestine meridian 2004 Medical Acupuncture 15 11-12 details   openurl
Aung, Steven Sexual dysfunction 2002 Medical Acupuncture 13 7-9 details   openurl
author, test Test article title 2016 Medical Acupuncture 5 5-10 details   openurl
Awan, Muzaffar K. Acupuncture in unexplained urinary retention and sluggish bowel 2003 Medical Acupuncture 14 24-25 details   openurl
Bachmann, Jurgen Acupuncture to traditional Chinese orthopedics 2007 Medical Acupuncture 19 69-78 details   openurl
Balk, Judith Electroacupuncture in infertile patients receiving in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer 2003 Medical Acupuncture 14 12-14 details   openurl
Ballegaard, Soren Acupuncture and the cardiovascular system 1998 Medical Acupuncture 10 5-11 details   openurl
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